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It's really fun :-) Nice work.
Sorry for a short comment, English isn't my friend :-)



I've only just started but I already know that I LOVE the work that you have put into this project. The levels and tutorials are awesome and well thought out. As an experienced programmer I am humbled by the knowledge you've sunk into the text. I LOVE the music tracks too.  This, to me, embodies real programming / hacking / software-engineering.

I'll admit that I had to stop myself from looking into the code "too close" after reading your comments in -thank you for that honesty and candor. This is truly a work of art. 

For those on recent 16.04 Ubuntu systems (mint 18x, etc.): There are several dependencies that need to be met -'pip(3) install <blah>' and wash rinse repeate. For those running pyenv environments it is likely that you may have to wrangle with numpy a little bit -it's not bad if at all.

Also, spoiler-ish: learn what does before you dig too deep. I'd been away from python basics for a few years so I'd forgotten what I was supposed to do with the package. All the clues are in the README otherwise.

Much love.

Get further in before you decide whether it's a "work of art" or not. :P

Funny thing about the music; it's all Creative Commons stuff but for some of the tracks this game is the only place they exist anymore, or at least they don't exist anywhere indexed by Google. The site I downloaded them from is just another paid stock music site now and if they have the stuff archived they aren't providing it anymore. Means I don't have to worry about it showing up in other games and such, I suppose.

In any case, thanks for the positive feedback. The game itself hasn't gotten an update in a year but that's only because I've been rewriting the "complete garbage" graphics library that backs the game and just started the work of porting it to the new replacement. It's pretty discouraging looking at four year old code that all of a sudden doesn't even build a playable game anymore, but comments like this keep me going.

This is unplayable on a Norwegian keyboard layout. To open injection mode, I can press the ø key, but if I type it in the injection mode to get back out, it types "ø". Tried typing an equals sign and gave up.

It's a shame, game seems cool.

Hey, if i run this on linux i get this error:
Traceback (most recent call last):

   File " ", line 40, in <module>

        import pyximport

ImportError: No module named 'pyximport'

i have tried installing it with pip, tried to find it with sudo apt-get install python3-pyx but nothing worked

Could you maybe help with this?

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@pix31 Yeah, running the source version under Linux requires some extra work. I recommend just running the Windows version under Wine.

The instructions for getting the source version running are here:

You should be careful about trying to guess the names of packages on pypi, people like to put viruses up there with names based on the names people get wrong. Google around before you `pip install` something.


Interview with the developer

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when entering the level with two gravity pad: (Source)

the windows binary link is broken

Works okay for me. Try it again?

no it's ok, but the game will not save, even in the first level