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My entry for 7drl 2016.

You've always been a good dog... but somehow, you ended up down here anyway. Life's a bitch. But with your strong jaws, your powerful claws, your sharp nose, and most importantly the help of your fellow canis familiaris, you're gonna scratch and bite your way through the legions of Hell's minions, and get back to your warm bed and your favorite squeaky toy. And if along the way you get to rip an imp's arm off and eat it in front of him, all the better.

Unless you're a 7DRL judge you'll want the 1.1 post-competition version, which is much faster and has multiple floors. The floors go on forever, though.



Arrow keys / Numpad: Move

. and Numpad 5: Wait (also represents your position when selecting a direction)

?: Show keys

><: Use stairs (stairs don't spawn yet though)

a: attack

b: bark/vocalize (used to communicate with other dogs)

s: sniff (prints out everything you can currently smell; if used next to another dog sniffs that dog instead)

e: eat currently held item or item on floor

,: pick up object on floor

/ drop object on floor


SDGTH is a pretty unusual roguelike. Combat is VERY lethal; one unlucky hit to the throat and you'll bleed to death. The key is to avoid fighting in the first place unless you have to, and to get it over quick when you do. You're way weaker than most enemies in the game, but you and your pack become more powerful than anyone when you're working together. Stealth is also a viable survival option; with your powerful nose you can usually smell danger long before it sees you.

The method of convincing other dogs to join you is intentionally in-obvious, but it shouldn't be hard to figure out if you pay attention.

If you're still having trouble surviving you might want to check out the spoiler guide.


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Some Dogs Go To Hell 1.0.0 (Python 3 Source) 30 kB
Spoiler Guide 5 kB
Some Dogs Go To Hell 1.1 POST-7DRL (Win32 Binaries) 16 MB

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